Thursday, February 18, 2010

dream I'm dreaming

I'm going to miss the riding down here; it doesn't get any better—especially if you like to climb (and/or are too small to do much else). There are, for example, three especially charming things about Montebello:

  1. "TAMARA LIEVELING ... WILL YOU ... MARRY ME?"1 : This is spray-painted on the pavement at intervals along the top portion of the road. It would be merely adorable rather than intriguing had someone (unrequited?) not made attempts, in places, to black it out.
  2. Lord of the swings: The range's feet splay out into circuit-board flatlands that bleed to the bay. It's full of haze, or fog, or radiance. Near the top of this fold of the hill is a house you can't see, somewhere under the oaks, and a yard you can see, because it's been carved out of the earth and made flat and trim for a swingset overlooking the world. On these swings, I'm sure, you would own the whole thing, and the view of your empire would fill up with sky as you rose in the arc, would empty of sky as you fell.
  3. The very locked gate: Montebello dead-ends onto a washed-out gravel service road up to the summit of Black Mountain—on a road bike, challenging enough to make me feel clever without being too scary. There are radio towers, outcrops of something granite, windswept grass. Anyway, the gate keeping cars out has 18 padlocks on it. I counted2.
1. The first time up I thought the question would be "WILL YOU ... MAKE IT?". My legs hurt.
2. Counting this high was apparently very distracting, because I left my sunglasses up there. Now if it's ever sunny again I'll have to wear these.

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    Jessica said...

    yes that montebello marriage proposal! i took pictures and i've been meaning to blog about it.

    i still think it's adorable and in my mind, they are married and someone else had just meddled with the proposal after she already climbed up and said yes.

    my next entry will be about the proposal!

    fyi, "shorp" is the word that blogger is making me type to verify that i'm not a robot.