Tuesday, April 17, 2012

so you think you can ride

Ok! It’s ok! I see what I did there. I got uppity, didn’t I? Yes. In a 12-hour period, I:

  • Used the phrase “definite progress” in reference to my own structural integrity.
  • Requested the return of my CX wheel, loaned out months ago—and what business do I have with that thing?
  • In the very same conversation, speculated that I'd be able to do some mountain biking within a month.
  • Get this: made tentative plans to ride this coming weekend, which is more than three whole days into the future.
  • And I did—wait for it; this is crazy—the Bay Trail. During the week! Who do I think am? King of the mountain?
The audacity! The impertinence! Totally asking for it, in retrospect. Should I be surprised, then, to have blown that knee up à la every three weeks of 2011 for the first time since getting back on the bike? No-ooo-oooo, I should not.

This, all you sports psychologists of the Internet, is my argument in favor of "negative self-talk". How can you discourage it when anything else is so consistently met with reprisals? What's that line? Hope? ... Hope is the confusion of desire with probability. 


This project held together with tape and delusions. 

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