Wednesday, March 13, 2013

all things go

Dear people who still have this site on their RSS feeds/Tim,

As you may have gathered from four months of radio silence, I've gotten bored with this blog and am putting it out to pasture. While I am desperately embarrassed by both the style and the content of at least the first few years' worth of material, I'm sticking to principle and deleting nothing. Awkward!

It turns out that writing for a living (!) sort of saps at my interest in writing for fun. However, I'm still stalking my fellow commuters at and will occasionally post other stuff (the usual bikes and books, I imagine) on my new, more disgustingly self-promotional site here: Hey, gotta eat.

Anyway, to commemorate five-plus years of babbling at this address, here are the all-time top-ten search terms by which strangers have arrived here (so, excluding "passthatatlas," my name, etc.) along with the offending posts. 
  1. rene magritte
  2. fruit of the fucking loom
  3. baron samedi
  4. feet hiking curtis cramblett
  5. follow my leader
  6. costco brownie bites
  7. costco brownies
  8. tamara lieveling
  9. brownies at costco
  10. brownies de costco
Figures, right? My life and heart and soul in hundreds of thousands of words and people just came for the snacks.

Whatever. Hope to see you at the new place

Lots of love,


1 comment:

Tim said...

It's been a good ride.